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We’re a group who works with YOU, the homeowner, the business owner, and local communities. We’ll will help you and your organizations record, analyze and improve on working towards a WASTE FREE ENVIRONMENT.

This Site will aid you on your path to a WASTE FREE ENVIRONMENT

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Start Today!

Take the challenge, start the no cost trial today! Audit your recycling, and see how much you RECYCLE! Start Now by Downloading the Starter Audit Report at At the end of a month you will submit your Starter Audit Report including the following info;...

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Take the Challenge!

Take the challenge, no cost trial, audit your recycling, see how much you RECYCLE. Simple, send at the end of a month, what you spent on Heat, Hydro, Water/Sewer, Gas for personal/pleasure vehicle, energy consumed. Then weigh and describe your...

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Can I get that drink without a straw?

We live in a Plastic Palace, surrounded by plastic; knives, forks, spoons, plates, furniture, car parts, packaging, and the list goes on. In fact, its next to imposable to buy items and not receive plastic. Think about everything you do in a day and all the plastic...

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The cost of Festivities

As Valentines Day passes and Easter fast approaches, you will notices that holiday items are never far from reach. Before one holiday has passed it feels as thou the next has already started. Laser lights for all seasons, solar lights, patio décor, caricatures with...

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