We live in a Plastic Palace, surrounded by plastic; knives, forks, spoons, plates, furniture, car parts, packaging, and the list goes on. In fact, its next to imposable to buy items and not receive plastic.

Think about everything you do in a day and all the plastic you come in contact with. Think about it when in the Kitchen, at work, in restaurants. Then think about how most of these items are created for “Fast” Convenience.

These ubiquitous conveniences are seemingly both innocent and progressive. However, these convenient tools play a large role in the world’s plastic pollution problem.

There are 7 Classifications of plastic that may be considered recyclable in Ontario.
#1 PET, #2 HDPE, #3 PVC ,#4 LDPE, #5 PP, #6 PS and #7 Other. If a
If a product qualifies for any of the above classifications you will find one of these numbers stamped inside the Recycling Logo. Simply being classified does not automatically qualify for recycling.

You can find a detailed explanation of each of the classifications, the potential recycling opportunity and any health concerns with these types of plastic at http://learn.eartheasy.com/2012/05/plastics-by-the-numbers/

One major contributor to the Worlds Plastic Palace is something as simple as the straw. The straw is a tool used worldwide to deliver a healthy way to ingest liquids from potentially impure vessels as well as limit any solids ingested found in the liquid. Straws date back to 3,000 BCE originally developed by Sumerians for drinking Beer.

It is estimated that 500 Million Straws are consumed daily in the USA or 3 million pounds or 1.6 Straws per capita. The average straw is 8 inches in length, times 500 million is 333,333,333 feet or 63,131 miles daily, 2.5 times around the world at the equator. For all intense and purposes a non, repeat non-recyclable product. A single-use plastic product that takes up space in our Landfills with no biodegradable possibility. The Plastic Palace just expanded again.

It may seam like a small step however refusing straws and being more aware of the single-use plastic in your life will help. You may feel like your efforts are without warrant but the Good news is you do not need to chase the impossible, Bill 151 was passed into law June 2016 and as we wait on Election 2018 in Ontario, we will be rewarded with the impact of Bill 151. Everything sold in Ontario or imported into Ontario will have a Cradle to Grave requirement for Disposal.

Stay in touch and we will continue to deliver, you, the residences of Ontario the opportunity to share thoughts, related to RECYCLING for a Waste Free Environment.

The residents of Ontario will be the difference!