How it Works

What is is a group who works with YOU, the homeowner, the business owner, and the local communities to help you and your organizations record, analyze and improve on working towards a WASTE FREE ENVIRONMENT.

This Site will aid you on your path to a WASTE FREE ENVIRONMENT in a number of ways;

Here you will find:

  • offers a membership program where you can access a service that will develop and provide a simple comprehensive formula to assist members of in establishing and reducing their individual Carbon Foot Prints.

  • Hosts the Blog RECYCLE FOR A WASTE FREE ENVIRONMENT; where you will find information on recycling, and what that really means to you. You will find info like, what really happens to recycled materials? What should you look for when buying items? And how is the packaging around us impacting recycling and our environment?

  • provides Info to keep residents and businesses up to speed with Ontario‚Äôs Bill 151, designed for a Waste Free environment.


  • offers members a community were they can network with fellow members who can do business with a mutual Carbon Foot print.

  • is providing our members and followers; information that affects them and we encourage comments, feedback and to be shared with the population of Ontario. is committed to assisting Companies and Residents of Ontario to become leaders in Recycling for a Waste Free Environmenttm.