Take the challenge, start the no cost trial today! Audit your recycling, and see how much you RECYCLE!

Start Now by Downloading the Starter Audit Report at RECYCLINGFOR.org
At the end of a month you will submit your Starter Audit Report including the following info;

  • What you spent on Heat, Hydro, Water/Sewer, Gas for personal/pleasure vehicle, energy consumed
  • The weight of your recycled material (example, 2 KG’s paper, glass 8 KG’s, Plastic 4 KG’s Organic waste/Food 50 KG’s, the weight of waste 25 KG’s) A simple bathroom scales will work.

RECYCLINGFOR.org. sends you back a report that shows your footprint based on energy used and what you have recycled to offset (The offsets will be estimated numbers as we wait for the Ministry to implement Bill 151 which will firm up the values).
After you receive the results you can subscribe to our program which will provide you with access to a detailed report where you can see your results based on your input.

RECYCLINGFOR.org will continue to generate Blogs that provide important feedback on what can and is recycled. We will share helpful hints to expand your recycling efforts and help shrink your footprint.

Eventually the Ontario Government will be asking you what you spend on energy and what you recycle, this will be the only way that they can report accurate Provincial numbers.

RECYCLINGFOR.org will provide a method to track monthly changes in recycling quantities /weights. The report will be your report not what the Province wants to tell you.

RECYCLINGFOR.org will produce quarterly reports that will compare like industries/consumers indicating ranges of energy consumed and what is being recycled.

You owe it to you and your family to know!