As Valentines Day passes and Easter fast approaches, you will notices that holiday items are never far from reach. Before one holiday has passed it feels as thou the next has already started.

Laser lights for all seasons, solar lights, patio décor, caricatures with lights and a blow fan for inflation. Some of these items retail for less than $3.00 while others for much more.

We are often happy to find a set of string lights at the Dollar store for less then $3, but how safe can that really be for our surroundings and where are these materials recycled?

Think of all the electrical items you purchase every year and what the disposal plan is when you are done? Think of all the stuff you purchased that is solar powered that you do not have a plan for. The Halloween Lights, and the Blow up Mr. Snowman have one thing in common; they leave consumers debating between tossing them to the curb or finding a way to recycle. Little do we realize, our items may be recyclable but that does not mean they are being recycled. Often the recycling processes are considered not worth the cost, or simply may not yet exist.

The cost in forms of money can be one thing but how often do we think about the cost on our environment? Do we stop to think about our new products end of life cycle? Many have moved away from Natural Christmas trees that can be composted, and have replaced them with non-recyclable Material and Plastics that fit in a storage friendly box.

It is with hopes that Bill 151 will help consumers chase the impossible. Bill 151 is to help strive to have everything sold in Ontario or imported into Ontario to have a Cradle to Grave requirement for Disposal.

We all want to celebrate festive seasons, however at some point we will need to unplug where we can. Consumers need to be aware of where there investments are going and know that where they spend their money maters to our environment.

Stay in touch and we will continue to deliver, you, the residences of Ontario the opportunity to share thoughts, related to RECYCLING for a Waste Free Environment.

The residents of Ontario will be the difference!